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24 <br />���� <br />C��D <br />D����(� <br />«��O�D <br />boo OG <br />4M51—KLOPP & BARTLETT CO., PR I NTI NO, LITHOGRAPH ING, STATIONERY; MARNA <br />wife nay ed hereal"t-ex as oxeciatrix, I here ",' dive and n-rant. 'to her full -,rowoa? and authority <br />to sell and by Zood deeds 0-. o'thex necessavv instm ents of conveyance, -without aippli- <br />cat ion t- o or li con so ir any coiirt . any or -: 11 of I-,,Iy ­,,r, <br />.0�-,ert,,r 02: re,7, 1 estate, 1'.1herever situated <br />titles th -or and such sales can I)e made by her any tine <br />and give to the ,31 <br />ia L -e to so do, and she is furt7 er <br />vi" e ,-� f Y,,., <br />,hen in her j udr,-.,..c. nt- it i o t o h e s 'Ll in-!)- r, t o y estat <br />t-o t-he -proceeds of sale or s ,,, le, s in such n.anneT and in such other -oro'--,�- <br />e�:"U-y as �-�he deem advisali-ic I.eing careful to -maintain the int-oGritl of mny- and keer)ing <br />careful account- of such (v.;.1).ic1 shall be m de in her nano) thaa-I.- same can be dis- <br />, t the 4- j , in `e event of her re-n �,:xi::: ,�-e as <br />tinquished and asco-_tur,!-,ineL�� a �M of her death., or i us! IVA. <br />trued to 7jlalce any limitat-ion on her rir�ht- to <br />hereinbe-foxe d e d o This not- to be cons <br />-ell and to doo,01 an-,,r lands, not to re.,.,m y ire an "�uxchasex to require 1-1 re-invostnent of the <br />U U <br />funds, all of vrh.ic1). -,-.,0,,,ve-2 iL :Zull,'Y' and exclusively E;iven to :.^,y said vrife. <br />I r T't 1: All the -1,est ro-siduo, and ren'.ainder of 1'.11y estate sulolect to the rest: fictions <br />life estate and statod, tm.d in Mhatevor condition or re-invest-:i-.ont <br />say.,,c may t-ake or "le, I dive doviso and 1 equeath in equal shares to my children as follows:- <br />T _evilU on A. ."evvuson, Reinert l-r5son, Ora 1 7ewtson, Er.dly 'Yewtson, Derent T <br />evtson, and <br />t <br />Bettie E. 'TevIrtson, and in the event of the death of antis of then;, 0-olfore my death, leaving children,i <br />t-hen such child_"on shall t-uko the shz-L--rc of thoir deccased narent. <br />T e,�,t son, exe--W-yix o-!-' t <br />Y. I ­�a, nordn u 4.1 14 1­ U <br />S.L" . .-,,e, ..I a-I-e "-nd SaICL Julia his <br />1. � L�: <br />1.1v last- tr-ill ancli d'i:c-c-t t­.­fiat s'he shall not xe,--rod 1-lo give an,., Frond as such e.­.ecutrix, and <br />herc;�­ revoke -.11 ICarl.�,ex -�,dlls -ile ir�,do. <br />J. <br />-n <br />I ha-ve hereunto si,.,- ed ntr name to this U <br />In test L.'i-iony v.�.`L A ;ill of four written ra-es <br />(all idarti iod by on this 8t C a y o Au gst <br />, 1901 <br />Gunder <br />Te,, zhose suI,�oczi*i'..ed, do herell"7 Certify rl"Under �,.evvrtson, the tas'1a1Lc_:, <br />,signed the foze­oin�-- in, our l-;rosence and at the same time in our �,-)resence and 'hoarfn,� <br />11oclared said instrim.-.ont. -.1-o 7!De his las;,-I-1 will and testa:,�,,.ent- v7a at his reouost and in his <br />­;- 3 as a U <br />,,- - sonco and "u-21e, -."i-osonce of ei­,x1h ot-h-ex llave I'Lerounto sinned our names witnesses <br />the-.eto on said 8LL of t , 1907. <br />f Au,�u s U <br />Chas. !,lyan. olf '17ranl-1 island, eby . <br />T 0-F St. Til.,,�orj,., <br />.rl ti. - U Ij j <br />of ,eLras.11_a <br />s s, <br />0­7='rTCATE OF P-ODATE. <br />Cn this 128th day of 1C,071, she annexed last will and -Ues+..a,,- <br />.1 T TT 71ullin, Judrfe of 'he C"ounty Court in and <br />ment, of Cunder 17evtzon t:.,as du'-,, ,,,D:ovod bofo::e 1-­ej, Q� <br />T 1-0 !­�- -n �'-Ijm and so <br />-Cox all Count�'�.7, last %vill and tostay.lomt of the :-eal an -rer- nal <br />CIO <br />of S", CL �Iece"" .sed, rand the sa:n��e vl-px ad-L�it-ted to rxoI�ate and dull), reC1u::U`Led in t-hris of-JEico <br />I• I <br />T';r -'r� 'OF, I '.,,�-Avo Irloreunto set �m-­ hand and affixed the seal of the Count- Covixt) <br />u4iis f2',",-'U-h day of 112-07. <br />J.T.,.s:Iullin, Count-.1" Judge. <br />41�T <br />St- ate of, *e'brazha <br />TTCjll Ccunt- <br />a I, J.H'.."Ullin, County Jucl_-o in and fox Fall Cotmty, 17tate of <br />and _1L-o-,Cficio ClOrk- o ',.h,-- Count,- '­'ov.r'- of —id Coun,,,7 I <br />U L,T, do here",,)-, c <br />uhe of the fri-Ies and Tocords of s,a,id c ou:r 4u* , and I furt.1 or <br />is z% trLi• and co-,-),:r ol" t'hc lost- iwrill and tostzl_l':ient o f Gunder <br />the Cert-if ice t-e- of �ts saiCl will -L,.nd certi-'Ficat-e are <br />ertlfy that- I have 11-y <br />certify that -he annexed <br />417ewtson., deceased, and of <br />filed and recorded in y <br />H <br />11 <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />