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A7SG <br />YU AMID HERREE RERUND Mo. L <br />U <br />I - <br />I - <br />23 <br />424554—KLOPP & RAm-rLrTTCO,,PR I NTING.LITHOGRAPH ING, STATIONERi: OMAHA <br />St'ate, of F I C A"J" E OF n-PICRATE. <br />0 11 1 L <br />)ss <br />­'all Coun-'Goy <br />On this 7 t 11 day of Jul,,,r, A.Di. 1S0 C,, the pxmel.ed. Last rill and, Tes"Umment <br />7 <br />o2' Geor-e A. Packer, -,..:,as du'L-,,r vad `,o.Lorre li-�e, T 'T 11,1 llin, rlotmt-y Judge o-C '�Jall Countl!, accox�' <br />0 <br />in to law, as the last 1.%rill and test'awent of the real and "Dersson.-.1 of said deceased and <br />u u <br />T; j <br />the was ad-ittad to smd dul,T recorded in thi-, of --f ice. In testimon,,,- ,-,-hereof, I <br />he Uy Court, this 7th day of Jul-r, <br />.4ave ­eunto set rf,,,r hand and of the seal of the Coun` <br />V A.D. <br />J. H. 2.1ullin <br />(S E A L County Jud,Y,o. <br />'y 0, '7 0 A" <br />Filed --Lro37 record the 23th June, 190`W-- at- ✓ -1.) •I. <br />'t C 1 271: . <br />2 <br />6 <br />lit '412�,_ ZA'.J 11 <br />o <br />pj I jr.. <br />T <br />LAE',T' ZT1 L L 1,14"D TIESTIA!'.1,1`17 C. P GR I)ER <br />Gunder s or. of .fall Count­,?-, !uoin,l of sound mind and C-1isr-osing n.ey­ory do <br />as follo,�;�S: <br />my 1- P, t v-� i11 can d to s lu-am o, n U <br />a k e a n d nl,�,ublish "541 U <br />ir_C-,. Lhat- all of iJv -Ius'�; d e 1 t, s includin- -,,-he mr,,cnses of <br />17111Ibl.*1: it is til.7 an, U v u <br />U -`-hat insufficient <br />las', �,�ickness and -rivl fia7cs-- ­aid Out of i.,.,17 -v� -o -,c or al S A-, _L (�i <br />U u �� k� 6.Lld if L L <br />for that pilurpose, then an(1 in an i;vent I direct that iI-Y ez-ecutrix, 1-le rein,-, na.-ed, shall <br />sell so nucl, <br />of real as needod :'L"or such ,-.0 ­ ose, full nolvex and authority bein,- <br />herol,by conferred y1ilul-loulU :L,as11.-.­ic1Uion, exxcept that she sl-iall oell only so much for t1--Lat- -,Al Lin„)ose <br />as 'Lo needed to ni_-y ch"a"ts by the court 1,r,,p,,ainst 1.117T said e S t at e <br />"­C07D: Af--er tile -­avment of said debts and sublec-- -�he­cto, I devif-�e and becuetath to <br />u U U <br />V <br />T__ m7 of �%`i ich I die rsei7-ed or ��ossessed real <br />on, L <br />my beloved Julia all of <br />personal ar.6 ..7-lze(:> an Situa t for her sole use, occir.. ancy and ';Jonef'-'it durinis her <br />natural lifetiar.,le, howovor, she does not re-­arxy, 1 OU C "'" t in ca,,��,e she .,oes re—ilarr, then <br />U and estate as ,,iould 1 <br />:end in c;uch an ovent <br />iy 7-ife shall :receive only so i,.iuch of rm, <br />have -;-�assed and descond'-d to her as under the la-::s of the 211;ate of e1)ras1e'.,a, had 1 L:bd <br />indU -e 1 o�,,irr. or y die <br />test,.,Ltwe, and 'U.'clis -,­a�ovi5ion shall and does -UQ all o�') e rty- and osto,.t <br />Seized OIL, Outside Of tile st�„ te of ]'7e1;raz1K,(a, "-s ccs t-h-n't- o%%1ned in this state. In t-he event <br />of M'7 IS C L i d fu's re z.. a r a type re mcn, i n d e r or r e s iJu e of t,7 esl_-�"tte shall thereixz�on --)ass in <br />e q ual share s -11­ o ni­ child. -m ntnu�,ed he reaft or . in th e x ec clause of 151,1i s su'-,:,j act <br />U-o the str,­ �ort of =,y ­.ino:,., t v t-11ree, hereof <br />i o,,r,, e v o:2 n a s s t c� Dad d i n c 1 t. use' <br />TH IL'Ll : I h er eb- a*7�3 o int- irY s a i C, i':i f e., di an Of all. 1 my n in or C1,1 i lar an and direct and re- <br />quest 1ha+ she shall use 3uch zts or ariounts fro.-', inco7na of r,,:r estate� r to her in <br />Q V U giver. U <br />e <br />the second of miy v:ill as "De:­lt judsment r.5 dict U W ate for t' e care, n-L=tu-_,­_, maintenanc <br />-ndU _U, U <br />oU -_,cation of s­i d ...hors until t, ey shall all j- a in their lenra�l majox�'�r, and in '-hn:, event <br />0:C the dea t 1 or of said Tl��rifo b;_:­j`O-.p, rjy.r -•rCiUncrcot child, reaches lerral ac c, 1 dir- <br />ge <br />d. 7' U L, U U 7' U <br />-th,.--;t -'U-he residue of t.ty pl­o�lert�., and estate in ­,,,teve- forr, or ar,,iounts it mry 'hen be, shall <br />not e sif!:-cct to sale Jtibn division until s�,ii' younf-est child reaches legal a,( E9, nrr <br />U part.L. j <br />desire bein,7 to assure to rrr Ldnoz child"ren, ccire,, e( and a 11or.e, -prior to a.n,Y final <br />the event of my -,,;ife's death <br />distribution of In- and the said xe idue of r., -,,r es-tate, <br />U w U in U <br />or re-max-1-iaEe is herolcy charged ,.-.;,ith 'heir xita',31e ­.nco during their mdnox- <br />,Y U port and mainten <br />ity. <br />U G 0 <br />FCU-1�'.L11: As ,-:I,r estate con;-:ists of lands old other -roper— v,'nicl it i.!,,a- e o adv a g <br />t y b f ant e <br />sell or transfer and re-invest and reDosing full faith in judgient and discretion of rr, said <br />