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2.2 <br />Grand Island Tankinrr Coz.,-nany, of Gxand Island, ITebraska, <br />ov=,ed 117 r.,ie <br />MEL UP HEMM <br />HENRD <br />Ma, L, <br />42654--KLOPP & BARTLSTT <br />CO.. PR I NTING.LITHOGRAPHIAG,STATI ON ERY; OMAY,F, <br />of the olatstandinc, shares of <br />s-aid Rankin- <br />Coar,­;anlr) <br />Fifth: <br />All the rest residue and reniaindejr of ry <br />estate I give, devise <br />and _U to illy said <br />.i'o, <br />1-a-ah H. Peterson, to be hers absolutely. I <br />L <br />request my <br />wif U 1. <br />to advise with the ot'l-ar <br />0� ecutof_ <br />named herein in to the mangy ge,ment j, <br />invest.mert . <br />sale and <br />re- investi-ent- of pxroceedol, <br />ol" the <br />-r1xonert-,, and to ieroin devised and 'oeoue� t-h-ed to hea.,. 1,nd I <br />esyecially advise that <br />the shares of stock in the <br />Grand Island Tankinrr Coz.,-nany, of Gxand Island, ITebraska, <br />ov=,ed 117 r.,ie <br />(Consistinn, of i­ maw ox-it-,r <br />of the olatstandinc, shares of <br />s-aid Rankin- <br />Coar,­;anlr) <br />shall <br />be sold only <br />in a sin-le block.; in other <br />:.-o-2ds,, the t control of said <br />)ank shall <br />not <br />be parted with <br />unless all <br />of .r,,,y interest •herein sh_-M <br />be sold. <br />S; ix, t h . I constitute <br />and an-,)oinI.- my Sarah .11. <br />Peterson, <br />and <br />The Seci,=it- r <br />U <br />Trust <br />Company of Troy, a '.bankin,,-31, <br />Coxr­oratip n organized under <br />the of <br />the <br />State there <br />I reside, <br />execultors of' this Y11-Y- last <br />%%,ill and testament: and hereb-�,- <br />revokinz <br />•all otl-,-er 77ills <br />b Y ','Ile ever <br />ri o. do, I heiount-o SU*L,,oCn,j'0C, <br />-m-i, rCjn;.0 on this seventh day <br />of <br />one thousand nine hundred <br />and seven. <br />Samuel A. Peterson. <br />Or. the - a - U In S Cr.1 i) e LL U <br />LL .7 of its Hato su" by the Testator and at ""lie same time declared by him to <br />0 <br />be his last mall and Testanez�'-- ;-,.11 in the ­,�xesence of us ­41o, at his request , hereby se"t our <br />I U 4. - U <br />na,.qies as attestinir v�,ritnesses,; the words ""in ins"Gallzients of Ti%relve 171undred and fifty Dollars <br />V 4- -h line of pwe l,be.-'Lore execution. <br />eadi 11, inte--rlinlead at Vhe 84U <br />Frederick, F. Draper, residinc., at Troy, IT.Y. <br />ieirrl 7% Gordinier- residin(_ t t <br />I U Troy, IT.Y. <br />.TITIT-,-D 2TATES OF Ali'LERICA. <br />w 11 <br />t e of '� T <br />_i lb.i-,Uslx:a <br />)GS <br />County of 'Hall J 114 T1111] 00717TY CC1M,1.LT OF SAID COM�,TY. <br />I, J. T1. 1,iiullin., Jut0rre of the Count-1- Court of said .County, do hereby cer- <br />t if Y t hat the inst,ru,.,.rient- • ic- a and coa:rect, co-py of the Last *,,,'ill and Testament 041 <br />Samuel A. Peterson., deceasod, as the saMe aas adi.,,it-ted to .-Prolzente in scaid court on the 5th day <br />-els Court of <br />0 f ko,_"11, 1909, and fila6 and recordo-d in my office,, the Decree of the Surror-at <br />U <br />the County of Pensselaer, t , ,,, t a of 21 Tle w Y o r Ix , a d:. � i t, t i n"-, a i d w i 11 t0 and the Decree of <br />the County Cou2t of '!in Count - 'Tebrzasl-a adi-,iittin�; said ,rill to probate, all of ­'hich is shov,,-n <br />i;y the files and record s of i.xy office. <br />In fitness 7,rherleof, I have '.ie.-eunto sot 1,ty hand and af-l"i.xed the seal of the 1 <br />County Court of said Count-.,,7, at 07rand Isl1and, this 19th day of June, 1009. <br />(SEAL) J. -11. '.,Iullin, <br />County Jud;La. <br />Fil,3,,]t fo-� record t11e 24th day of June, 1909 ,'-'t 10 A.M_ <br />oQ <br />County.Clerk. <br />j <br />1 <br />1 <br />