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II AZSQ <br />0 <br />I <br />I <br />F� <br />I' <br />21 <br />a��l�l tiG9.ol DD E 5 M_ E N PsL =` @C� R WI M ae L3 <br />42654--KLOPP & MARTLETT CO.. PRINTING. LITHOGRAPHI NG, STAT I IONERY; OMP HA <br />A <br />and recorded •as suclA., p-roolfs, tot'ken as aforesaid. <br />1- fitness: Tor . Till iz :1 e )- lard the of the Court, the dzv, I an d <br />fix S" 'CL.L­1`_-,1ove V rittell.. <br />L s <br />Willis E. Heaton. <br />Si,,,rro -rate . <br />1, Samuel A. Peto_-son of Txo-Y,, 1T. Y. ) do ­,ul-lish and declare this i1 -y last, Will <br />and Testanent. <br />- r 11 f soon as I dir 0 ct -y cxe cut os . e re nae r na, , -.pos s i,,,)l e a-ft er m'Y cue; th , t o <br />U :,-,,-.send such suin of _Tnoncy as may be necessary. in the fron. a solvent Life Insurance Com- <br />1.,.,.any of an Annuity of Twenty-five "I"Lundred I'Dollars 500� to be �aid semi-annuelly) in <br />instalmentz of Twelve Eundred and fifty Dollars each to my sister, Abbie J. Xennedy <br />as lonr-, as she shall livo. And until the ,-)u::ch,,.,s-- of- such annuity shall have ­)een cor.-i.-)leted <br />; j y J,Ly I i <br />cl-.ecutoTa and during the period of cis,: months thereafter, I direct my executors to play front <br />LAY estate to my sist­r, -Eror.,. time to time las she nay need, a sun. or sunz of money -,'hick shall be <br />at the rate of Twent%­f"ive Hundred Dollars ann=,,; my intention beingr that iT-,,y •said <br />sister shall receive at the rate of Twenty -five hundred Dollars t ^^500 ner annum from the day j <br />of my death until the first seird-annual instalment of the annuity on her life above provided for <br />shall b-o due and rayab,le- thus ensuring to hcbr a' fixed annual income to the amount mentioned <br />from the day of my death as long as she shall live; zhich is all and the only provision I make <br />for her in this nci-y v.,,-*Lll. 'Ouch bequest made and provision for my sister shall nevertheless be i <br />free and clear of any inheritance tax -paya alble thereu�non, such tax., if any, to be -paid by my <br />executors from my genera -1 3 state . <br />Second: I -further direct :,,.y executors, as soon as )ossilble after my death, to ex-pend such' <br />suill of money as may be necessary in the purchase from a solvent Life Insurance Company of an <br />Annuity of Twenty -five Hundred Dollars ('y2 500) per annuri, to be paild semi-annually to ,w,7 wife, 1 <br />Sarah 1;.". Peterson, as lonLr as she shall live. <br />Third. -I give, devise and bequeath to my said rife, Sarah 1-1. Peterson, all real estate <br />%!,,her-ever situatod, which I shall o,,,-,,r. at the time of my doItt"h. <br />Fourth. I live and bequeath to my executors hereinafter named all my shares of stock in <br />'he Peterson and Packer Coal (3oi- -,an-,r. a corporation organized and doing business under the laws <br />of the St-ate of JTev York,; in trust, nevertheless, to convert the said shares of stock into <br />U U <br />cash and pay the not -Proceeda '.111eroo-r' ov-T to m-�r said to be hors absolutely. The sale of <br />U <br />such stock shall - <br />�e at such time or times. and u-. on such ternis, and under such circumstances, as <br />I <br />to 'n*Ohet-hax at -i)WOlic or privato sa-le, as in the joint exercise of their discretion my executors <br />'eel'.1 advisable and de-1-e it is mv' earnest- desir�,, and my ho-,,-)e that unless cir- <br />hall a --mine. Rut <br />U <br />r <br />cumst_�-.nces shall arise rich in the exercise of th,-i­ discretion shall convince ml. executors <br />that an earlier sale or disposition of said stock is necessary or advisable., ray said stock of <br />the Peterson -and Packer Coal CoT.00anv shall not ',-,e sold or disrosed of until the terninat-ion of <br />the -_}rcsont contract bet,,,,reen said Company and the Delaw,,are Tludson Com-.,-)any, dated Apxil let, <br />U <br />1905, and 1W-_Tn.ina-jU-inr fiftseen years thereafter. If either of y hereinafter named exe- <br />cutoro shall --Fail to qualify, or af-10-ar qualifying shall fro,,-Ii any cause cease to act as such <br />ol"Lecutor, the sale or ot-her (_'Lisposition of -i y said stock in the Peterson and Packer Coal Com",),any <br />n -hereof- <br />"h as to the time and terms of sale and the co—di-1-ions ;, d all other circumstances t <br />U <br />y 1 <br />shall be at the sol-, discretion of -'U-'.,.e zurvivin,�, or remiaining executor; c_xoressl -,rovidin- <br />4* <br />that in case of iia�, ::if els deat-11i my rennaininr,- exeout,or in 'he exercise of the disc euion conferre <br />ei'L -iol,' 'he same from sale until the ter:-I,.ination of <br />"he:c sell .,Mch forthwith or �,,Vitlil k� U <br />said contract ,,,ith the Delaware and "Lludson Com-nany. <br />