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MEL NO HEIRM RE50HOD Ma, �c <br />42654- -KLOPP 3 HARTLETT CO., PRINTING, LITHOGRAPHI ;VG,STATIONERY ] OMAhA w <br />same has not been rendered at my decease, my Executrix is authorized to pay all charges and ex- <br />penditures for the education of my son Frank A. Wartman, including a collegiate course if desired <br />out of my .estate; and shall pay not to exceed two hundred and fifty dollars towards the prof- <br />fessional or medical education of my daughter Susie E. Wartman, if she decides to acquire same. <br />4th. It is my will and I so name it, that any and all sums of payment, charge, expense, <br />purchase, maintenance and support, educational expenses, costs of settling my estate, or any <br />item of depletion affecting same. conton.1)lated, named or arising out of any of the three fore- <br />going paragra -.,hs, or any of the following parargra7)hs of this my will and testament, shall be <br />de4ucted and subluracted from my estate before there shall be any distribution of the same or <br />any part thereof veriatsoever. <br />5th; It is my will and desire that my estate shall not be distributed until my son, my <br />youngest heir, shall have reached the age of twenty one years; but should he reach such age <br />before my decease, then said distribution shall not be made within one year after my decease; <br />and the distribution of same may be extended to such longer tine as in the best judgment of my <br />said Executrix 1,Iag fie `Tartuar. may deem safe and decide just and reasonable. <br />0th. The net balance of my estate after carrying out the provisions hereof shall be dis- <br />tributed as follows; be my estate more or less than the sum of Six Thousand Dollars, said sum <br />of �%�'Z000 00 is Trade the standard of division, then of the proportionate share of same, it is my <br />will and I do grant and bequeath the same as follows: to mss* beloved vrife, 2;Iaggie Vvartman, in <br />addition to the hor.estead hereinbefore named, the surf: of 'JY,,o Thousand Dollars ( ',2000 00); to my <br />daughter Ivinnie E. wife of S.D.Drake, six hundred 001 Dollars; to my daughter Susie E. War <br />r:^ar�, Nine Hundred and fifty ( °'c50 00) Dollars; to my daughter Luella Wartman, '.dine Hundred and <br />fifty (050 00) Dollars; anc' to my son Frank A. a artman, fifteen hundred (1500 00) Dollars; <br />should my taL- 71aggie die, hoT %,ever, before said distribution, her share shall be distributed <br />arrion�, ir.y said surviving, 1ega�eos in the respective l�Iroportions to each herein named until said <br />snare is exhausted; should any of i:iy children legatees r_ar.:ed die before said distribution un- <br />rLarr ed and without issue, then his, or her, or their shares, shall be distributed among my famed <br />legatees in the resr)ective nronortion to each survivor herein named until said snare or shares <br />are exhausted; should any of my children legatees however, die before said distribution, married <br />and leaving an heir or heirs of their body, said heir or heirs of such deceased legatee shall <br />receive and inherit the share of such deceased legatee snare and share alike. <br />7th. It is my v ;gill and I name and appoint- my beloved wife, ;,Iag(;ie i artrlan, as the grin- <br />cipal executrix of this ,:y lust :frill and testament, without bond, and bond shall not be exacted <br />or reo iced of her, to carry ouf the provisior..s of this my last will and testament fully as herein <br />set forth; I furti:e� parrs any al.point --.----.-as the co- executor of my said executor to act with <br />and assist her in saic duties, his qualification and appointment however shall not be made onl - <br />`''on her application as executrix, and in her judgment she shall have full power to name and sub- <br />; <br />stitute another co- executor at any tii-re; and in case of any difference of opinion arising between; <br />then in any jay effecting the affairs of r.y estate, the judgment and conclusion of fry said Ex- <br />ecutrix , , ag; ie tivartrnan shall settle and determine the smile . <br />8th. Any and all 1 7ills and Codicils heretofore by me made are hereby forever revoked <br />and declared; of no further orce or virtue or effect. <br />0th, By way of exl-lanation I would here state, that in the difference of amounts dis - <br />tributed or to be distributed among my several children as herein named; no intent to wrong or <br />make any invidious distinction exists, but said distribution is made upon a careful considerations <br />of the interests of each one; and the allowance to my daughter Minnie E. Drake is made smaller <br />t7I an any other one from the fact that she in Rarried life is abundantly and amply provided for; <br />