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AZSC; <br />45 <br />YilLL �2[]D UEfflEE ffifflffl ft. 0C <br />4284-KLOPP & RARTLETTCO_ <br />PRINTING, LITHOGRAPH[ MG, STATIONERY: OITKhA -- ---- <br />U14TI TED STATES OF A,,TRIrCA. <br />State of Nebraska <br />) s s <br />of Eall <br />Count-, In The County Court of said County. <br />I, J.H.1,,Iullin, Judge of the County Court of said County, do hereby certify <br />J <br />t' 'at the annexed instrument is a,complete and correct co-)y of the Final Decree issued by said <br />Court in the matter of the estate of Abram Idelmian, deceased as aame'is recorded in my office. <br />In Witness Vlhereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County <br />Court of said county, at Grand Island, Nebraska, this 26th day of ',.ay, 191000. <br />Lu <br />(SEAL) <br />J H. IT llin. <br />Court Y Judge <br />Filed for record the 26th day of 1.1ay, 1009 t 4-20 P.M. <br />County Clerk. <br />#,f'T <br />T- 7,� <br />7 <br />ii w "i <br />I11 THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF SCIRUYLER S. WARTMAN*, deceased. <br />County of ',,Ia hall <br />C rs <br />I. Schuyler S. Wartman, now a resident of the City of Marshalltown, ou <br />State of Iowa, recognizing the uncertainties of life and being of a sound and disposing mind and <br />memory do male, execute, declare utter and publish this r,',y last will and testament. <br />1st. That upon my decease, as soon thereafter as practicable I desire the Executrix of <br />my estate to pay all my personal debts of account, if any there be of a just nature, including <br />those of my last illness and burial. <br />2nd. That woon my decease and as soon as practicable thereafter, it is my will and de- <br />sire, that my beloved wife aggie Wartman as my executrix take full possession, charge and con- <br />trol of M'Lr estate U U nature, and wherever the <br />real estate and personalty of every name, kind and nat <br />same or any part or portion thereof may be situated or located; that as such Executrix she have <br />full and undistWbed power to manage, preserve and control the same and every part thereof, <br />for the best interest of my estate according to her best judfmen-Lu <br />and to that end, she is fully� <br />authorized to negotiate loans, renew loans thereon or on any part, lease rent and improve San. e;- <br />and has full power as said executrix to sell and convey same or any part thereof at private sale) <br />or otherwise, riving and conferring upon any purchaser or nurchasers title in fee simple by <br />warranty deed to be by her as said executrix made executed acknowledged and delivered in behalf <br />of my ast-ate, free and clear, or subject to any lien as may be agreed to by any purchaser or <br />purchasers, and do every-thing to the care, disposal and distribution of my said ostat-e as I <br />could do or perform if personally present and acting, in accordance and without the interferencei <br />or approval of any court of Probate or Court of Record, further than the lawful establishment) <br />and approval of this my last will and Testament. <br />5d. It is rroy desire, that after my decease, that my home and family circle, be kept <br />and maintained as long and as unbroken as the 'Kill of God, and the individual members copposing <br />it will permit; and to that end my real 1 estate of ixhich I ma,, die siezed, or which at that time <br />m m <br />may be held in fee in the na-I-,,.e of my ;:rife, e , 1 lag 7 <br />77artnan, which at said title shall be occupied <br />by my family as a homestead, I do hereby will, grant and bequeath to my said beloved wife, <br />Maggie Wartman, in fee simple, being to her and her heirs forever, free and cle ar of incumbrance <br />not to exceed however Two Thousand Dollars in value; if however, at tim e of my decease I myself <br />or m, e purchased a homestead; then my said wife as my executrix shall be <br />said wife shall not hav <br />empowered to nurchase from the proceeds of my estate a suitable homestead not to exceed Two <br />Thousand Dollars in value, the sam•to be conveyed to her, the said 11aggie 'Tartnan and her heirs, <br />forever; and it is my will that my said Executrix, with the reasonable help and assistance of <br />members composing my family, keep and maintain said home and family out of my estate; and if <br />J <br />