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AZSC4 <br />1 <br />,13 <br />MEL Up M NEROMM Ma, L <br />.1!- -KLOPP A BARTLETT CO., PRINTING, LITHOGRAPHI.VG,STATIONERY: OMAHA <br />Court in the matter of the Estate of Anna M. Scheel, deceased, as the same is recorded in my <br />office. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court <br />of said County, at Grand Island, Nebraska,'this 8th day of Ilay, 1909. <br />(SEAL) J.H.Mullin, <br />y�County Judge. <br />Filed for record the 10th day of May, 1909 at 11 A.R. <br />County Clerk <br />n.. f .1 . �: _.�l.l' n,:iL. .an ,....n t ,: _ 1'. ._ —It ,f!-. :�-{ -7 7 <br />it In the County Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska. <br />In the matter of the Estate of ) <br />D E C R E E <br />George Id. Bartle$" , Deceased ) <br />This cause came on for hearing on the 11 day of May A.D. 1909 and it appearing <br />to the court from the proof on file that all persons interested in said estate has had due <br />notice and was duly notified and has waived notice of publication and service thereof in this <br />action upon the final resort of George Knapp Bartlett, administrator of said estate, who having <br />been-:duly sworn, testified, examined by the court, and after a full examination of the said <br />final report and account the court finds that the sane is correct in all respects and should be <br />approved and allowed. Decree barring claims was filed herein February 16, 1904, and all debts <br />against said estate have been paid in full. It is therefore considered by the court that the <br />said account be and is hereby allowed as the final account of said George Knapp Bartlett, ad- <br />ministrator of said estate, and that no moneys has come into his hands to be distributed be- <br />tween the parties entitled thereto and that he as said administrator is hereby discharged from <br />said trust. It is therefore further ordered, considered and adjudged that the said George <br />Knapp Bartlett, son. of George M. Bartlett deceased, and Charlotte A. Bartlett, widow, said <br />George K. Bartlett, deceased, both of Lincoln, Lancaster County, 7ebraska, were at the time <br />of his death and now are the sole and only heirs and representatives of the said deceased. <br />George Knapp Bartlett and Charlotte A. Bartlett are the said sole and only heirs and do hereby <br />inherit any and all property as tenants in common that the said George Il. Bartlett might have <br />had of any interest in, during his life tire and that they are the sole and only persons to sham <br />in any such estate. The administrator will be discharged and his bondsmen released upon the <br />payment of balance of court costs herein in the sum of $16 05. Whereupon said balance of court <br />costs herein in the sum of t16 05 were paid in full, and the administrator is hereby discharged <br />and his bondsmen are released. <br />it P. Jas. Cosgrave, County Judgq" <br />(SEAL) <br />Endorsed. " E. 1755. In the County Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska. In the Matter <br />of the Estate of George 14. Bartlett, deceased. Decree on Distribution and Final Decree and <br />Discharge. Filed May 11, 1909. P. Jas. Cosgrave, County Judge. " <br />CERTIFICATE: <br />In The County Court of Lancaster County, I;ebraska. <br />State of tebraska ) <br />)ss E. 1755- Bartlett. _ <br />Lancaster County ) <br />I, P. Jas. Cosgrave, Judge of the County Court of said County do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing is a full and correct cony of the Decree on distribution and Final <br />Decree and discharge, together with all the endorsements thereon in the matter of the estate of <br />George 11,11. Bartlett, deceased, now pending in this Court, as shown by the files in this office <br />and now in my charge for record. <br />