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zSQ <br />YLL NO MORE RM50HO Mo. L <br />�GsS4 —KLOPP & SARTLETT CO.. PRINTING. LITHOGRAPHI NG,STATIONERY; OMAHtd _ <br />Southwest corner of the Southeast quarter of the Forth -vest Quarter of Section 25, in Township <br />10, in Range 11, rest, and extending along the South line thereof to a point 2 rods east of <br />the South west corner along and in the South line of the South -nest Quarter of the Northeast <br />quarter of Section 25, in Township 10, North, in Range 11, 'West of the 6th P.M. An undivided <br />1 interest in the West half' of the South -cast quarter of Section 24, in Township 10, in Range i <br />11, all in I:all County, Nebraska. The Court Finds that the said John Opp left surviving him as <br />his heirs at law and his only heirs at law, the following named <br />persons: Martha Opp, his wife, <br />and Clara Opp, his daughter, and that under the law of descent of the State of Nebraska, all of <br />said above described real estate die. pass and descend at the death of John Opp, to Clara Opp, <br />j <br />his daughter, subject to the Dovxer right of the widow, I,lartha Opp, in and to said real estate. <br />J. H. Iaullin . <br />Judge of the County Court. <br />UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. <br />State of Nebraska ) <br />)ss IN THE COUNTY COURT OF SAID COUNTY. <br />County of Ball ) <br />I, J. 11. Mullin, Judge of the County Court of said County, do hereby <br />certify that the annexed instrument is a com-;iote and correct coy of the Decree Earring Claims <br />and naming, heirs issued by said Court in the matter of John Opp, deceased, as said decree is <br />; <br />recorded in my office and that the same are now in force. <br />In Witness Whereof , % have hereunto set Iny hand and affixed the seal of the <br />County Court of said County, at Grand Island, Nebraska. tl iis 26 day of April, 10'09. <br />(SEAL) J. H. 41.1 llir, <br />County Judge. <br />Filed for record the 27th day of April, 1909 at 11 4.M. <br />i <br />Count,r�Clerk. <br />_!I F t(..!L.'�l' 'r._ r;� _((..... !� _r tf (. rl. f,'_ .!! !1 I_ fr <br />u _. _� -!. „....f. __1 <br />h 'r r, a tr r; u u N r rr t,r n , r, t " l r r 1 <br />— _ i` n� <br />„ I � ii I, !( rI !1 ! r 7 I' a f r, t i +7r7F' t n , �. >' 7r <br />1t Tiiz, COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br />In The Matter of the Estate of ) <br />DECREE . <br />Charles Henry Steinmeier, ) <br />deceased. ) <br />now on this 29th day of April, 1909: this cause came on further to <br />be heard and the Court being fully advised in the premises finds that Charles Henry Steinmeier <br />departed this life on the 21st day of February, 1908, that he left a last will and testament <br />which etas offered for probateAin this court on the 22nd day of March, 1909; that more than two <br />i <br />years elapsed from and after the death of said decedent before his will was filed for probate <br />I <br />and that between the 21st day of February, 1906, and the 16th day of March, 1909, no creditor <br />of said deceased applied for letters of administration upon his estate or caused such letters to <br />be taken out and no' steps were taken by any one to administer the estate of said Charles Henry j <br />Steinmeier, deceased; that the said Charles Henry Steinmeier was at the time of his death the <br />I <br />owner of Lot Eight (8). in Block seven (7) , in Voit le ' s Addition to the City of Grand Island, in <br />Hall County, Nebraska, and that under the termer and provisions of his last will and testament said <br />real estate did pass and descend at the death of the testator to Bertha Elvina Steinmeier to <br />have and to hold to her and her heirs forever. <br />J. III. Mullin, <br />County Judge. <br />