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11 <br />Cti'OfsL MM f RM MfflnU Mo. L <br />J.ET_T_G4 _PaLNT1_N9.61TH Q _G RAPIIIX. <br />G, STATIDMCAY. _9MAhA <br />that the time then allowed has fully expired; that notice was given all creditors, by publications <br />and by posting, as provided by law, and the order of this court, dated Ma7.,r 16th; 1907; that no <br />claims of any nature were filed against said estate; that all claims outstanding against said <br />estate, if any there be, are, therefore, forever barred and excluded. It is therefore ordered <br />adjudged and decreed that All persons are forever barred from filing or setting up any claims or <br />demands against the estate of Christoph Opp, deceased. The Court finds that the said Christoph <br />Op-r) was at the time of his death the owner of the following described real estate situate in <br />the County of Hall and State of Nebraska, to-wit: Lots 2 and 3 on the right bank of the <br />North Channel of the Platte River of Section 24, in To,,-,mship 10, in Range 11, containing 101 <br />& 40-100 acres more or less. The East half of the South-east quarter of Section 24, in township <br />10, range 11, containing 80 acres more or less. An undivided one-t hird interest in the West <br />Half of the South-cast ; <br />